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About Us


Safety Striping Service, Inc. is a closely held family business established in 1950 - making it the oldest in the industry in California.  It is one of the major pavement marking contractors in California.  We have been located in Visalia / Goshen since 1953.  The Company was founded by Ellery Wilson and his stepson, Kenneth Spitler, in Santa Barbara County.  David Preston, Kenneth’s son-in-law joined the company in 1993 and became president in 1994.  David and his wife, Louisa, (Vice President) purchased the stock in June, 2001Company headquarters was moved from Ventura to Visalia in 1994 because Visalia was the largest branch and centrally located in the state.   We continue to rent space in a Santa Paula industrial park for staging materials and equipment.  From this yard we service our Ventura County customers (primarily maintenance accounts). 

Safety Striping is well known statewide for its quality, service, and exceptional safety record.

Safety Striping works statewide in selective markets but generally avoids high volume metropolitan freeways.  The majority of our work is secured by public funds.  Less than 10% of our jobs are private works.  Safety Striping is known for both excellent quality and service. 

Safety Striping is both a Certified Small Business (SBE) and Disabled Veteran Business (DVBE) Enterprise, currently with twenty-two employees.  Our management team includes

  • David Preston, President
  • Louisa Preston, Vice President & Corporate Secretary
  • James Malloy, General Operations Manager

Our company is involved in:

  • New roadway, highway and airport expansion construction
  • Modifications to existing roadways such as traffic signals or widening projects.
  • Maintenance of existing pavement delineation on roadways and airports, working with cities and counties statewide.
  • New residential subdivisions where initial signing and striping is required.

Our work includes:

  • Striping and Markings using thermoplastic, paint, tape and preformed thermoplastic.  This covers the majority of our work and thermoplastic is the dominate product for both striping and markings.  Thermoplastic is a durable product providing much longer life than traffic paint.
  • Raised and Recessed Pavement Markers and other delineation devices are used to enhance striping and markings and improve visibility of the delineation especially when pavement is wet.
  • Roadside directional signs associated with pavement markings (No overhead or lighted signs)
  • Removal of existing striping and markings to provide for changes in the configuration on a paved surface or prepare the surface for certain sealcoats. (Removal is accomplished by grinding, Ultra High Pressure water blasting, sand blasting and shot blasting)

Market Area

Safety Striping service is located in the Central Valley with quick access to State Route 99.  From this location we can selectively work statewide.  Fuel prices do affect our ability to compete in some areas as we are a fuel driven industry.

The company is both a Class A general and C32 specialty contractor (License Number 308669).  The A license allows us to bid as prime contractors on projects that may require sub-trade paving or concrete work. 

Safety Striping is a proactive member and leader in the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA), Associated General Contractors (AGC), Maintenance Superintendents Association (MSA), and Traffic Control Supervisors Association (TCSA).  We are most active with ATSSA and as with most ATSSA contractors and suppliers; we take ATSSA’s slogan “Safer Roads Save Lives” seriously.  We give a lot of time and effort to the Association to help provide for safer roadways and work zones nationwide.  Dave Preston is the immediate past president of the California Chapter of ATSSA. 

Union Affiliation:

Safety Striping is a union contractor affiliated with the Laborer’s Unions of Northern and Southern California.  Subcontractors that work for the major California prime contractors must be affiliated with the appropriate unions. 

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